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Career Counseling: Lakshya Immigration & Education Consultants studies and carries out in-depth analysis in understanding the skill set of each student that enrols with us. We match the interest of the student with his aptitude and acquired skills so as to help him choose that particular course where he is most likely to succeed. Choosing the right course is of paramount importance for a successful future.

Country & University Selection: Once the right course for the student has been identified, it is imperative to match it with the right university and location. Lakshya Immigration & Education Consultants understands that different personalities flourish in different environments. Along with academic intelligence, we also factor in extracurricular activities, employment prospects and financial background.

Application Process: The application form is a crucial document for students as it is their first contact with the university. Lakshya Immigration & Education Consultants assists students in filling the application forms, recommendation letters and all other documents that may be required by the university. These forms can be overwhelming for students to fill on their own and this where the expert guidance of Lakshya Immigration & Education Consultants is valuable.

Visa Assistance: Lakshya Immigration & Education Consultants provides complete Visa assistance to its students. We have an experienced team that processes and completes all the required formalities and also advises the students on the various documents required. We also help prepare students for their Visa interview through mock sessions.

Travel Arrangements: We assist students by helping them in their travel arrangements. We help the student identify the best travel route, get the best price for his air fare, arrange all necessary documents as well as offer assistance in availing foreign currency.

Accommodation: Lakshya Immigration & Education Consultants understands that a good accommodation is essential for a student in a new country. We help you find the best accommodation suited to your needs, while keeping in mind your location and budget preferences.

Comprehensive Backup Service: At Lakshya Immigration & Education Consultants, we have always believed that our service should not automatically finish the moment our students depart from the country. We extend a helping hand towards them even after they are settled in their chose New Zealand Institute and try to deal with the problems they are facing. Whether the problem is personal, social or educational, we try to do whatever we can to help our students.

About us

Lakshya Immigration & Education Consultants is the one stop solution for all your international study needs. The core activity lies in assisting students to make the right choice with regard to pursuing education in overseas educational institutions.

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